Welcome to the 2023 school year. As a whole the PTA organization on a state and national level advocates for students, helps affect and even draft legislation on their behalf. Within Sorenson our focus is to create, facilitate and support events and programs that are fun, inclusive, supportive and foster relationship building between students, parents and the school community.

The events the PTA will be planning this year include a visit to the pumpkin patch, playdates held on the Sorenson outdoor playground, Everett Children's Museum Night Out and a big end of the year carnival to name a few. The PTA also organizes staff appreciation touches throughout the year and during staff appreciation week in May.  The PTA at Sorenson is now back to full swing and we appreciate those of you who had the opportunity to participate with many of the board last year. This year we hope to continue to host monthly events for families to participate in and want to really continue to foster "Building Together."

Our board's drive this year is "Building Together." We look forward to seeing you this year. Please take a moment to look through this packet and consider becoming a member to help make this a fun filled year. Feel free to contact any of the board members should you have any questions.

-Sorenson PTA Board


Sorenson PTA Mission Statement:

"To promote and engage our school community with the message that essential learning begins prior to kindergarten."

In support of this mission we hold these beliefs:

Our PTA will welcome, involved and support all of Sorenson's students, families and staff to the best of our abilities.

  • Fostering collaboration and a sense of community within Sorenson.
  • Establishing and growing programs and events, allowing children and parents to feel welcome and involved
  • Support and recognize Sorenson staff, who clearly see potential in our children
  •  Support and speak on behalf of the children, in Sorenson and in our community, before any governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.
  • Assist parents in developing skills needed to raise and protect their children.
  • Encourage Parent and Public Involvement in the public schools of this nation.

We partner with Sorenson Early Childhood Center Staff, Families, Children and Community to create a successful and supportive environment.